Tool Servicing

You no longer need to throw away your worn tools! We offer you a complete service of all your cutting tools (including renewals) placing special emphasis on tool preservation during the whole servicing period.

The quality of our service is guaranteed by frequent pre-service and post-service quality checks, whose purpose is, besides many other things, to make sure that all of our customers’ needs are addressed and their individual requirements met. The same goes for keeping to the original geometry of the tool. Our service motto is: "We make an old tool new."

Tool servicing (sharpening) includes:

  • Collection of tools from our client and their delivery back to the client after the sharpening (renewing) process
  • Pre-service checking (concerns the number and quality of tools received)
  • Proposals for tool disposal, necessitated by either visible non-fixable defects, client-specified size limits or economic factors
  • Multiple post-service checks
  • Printed measurement reports (applies to sharpening special instruments, or the situations where the client requests such a report)
  • Provision of surface coating, if necessary
  • Technical support to ensure the maximum performance of every tool
  • Sharpening and renewal of drill bits, millers, reamers and countersinking drills (straight, graduated or shaped), including potential replacements of soldered VHM parts
  • Completion deadline: 3-5 workdays

  • Servis nástrojů
  • Servis nástrojů
  • Servis nástrojů
  • Servis nástrojů
  • Servis nástrojů

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